Welcome to All About Wiggle Butts

I am pleased to be starting a new phase of life. With my passion for dogs and cats there is nothing I would rather do than be with them daily. All About Wiggle Butts came about because of a need to groom an elderly cocker spaniel who just didn't like anyone touching him but his Auntie. I began the long process of learning grooming and discovered along the way that I am truly at peace and good with all the many 4 pawed clients I have grown to love. If

you need grooming, walking or house/pet sitting I am the whisperer for you.

Murphy, you were my inspiration and the reason I am so passionate about Pet Care. You are with me every single day in my actions and my heart . Until we meet again, share your joy with your brothers Seamus, Alex, Freckles and Pokie over rainbow bridge. You are in charge of Molly, keep an eye on her for mom and I. She is with you way too soon but we know you will keep her in line :-) I dedicate All About Wiggle Butts to you. 


Rescue, foster or adopt, it will change your life