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I was privileged to help whelp 7 adorable, healthy awesome Leonberger puppies on March 5th. During the March 5th blizzard Carl and Jen Ey, breeders and owners of Anfangen Kennels welcomed these special deliveries of Grand Champion Starhavens in the Ninth (Niner-mom) and Grand Champion DaVinci by Providence (Vinny - dad). It was the most wonderful experience you can have and being the "puppy nanny' for the last 8 weeks has been a joy. Niner had 5 girls and 2 boys all of whom have new homes to go to....we have all been so blessed. Please visit Carl and Jen's website to learn more about these gentle giants....they will steal your heart. . So now you know that I have experience with whelping and puppies and being a nanny. Join me in wishing these very special puppies a happy and healthy life in their new homes

Photos top to bottom : Vinny (dad), Niner (mom), newborns feeding, two sisters napping together, Sven (last born, boy) wondering why he is in time out, pup anxious to go out, feeding time, outside play, looking at mom for permission, guarding the entry.


WELL OUR PUPPIES ARE GROWN AND THRIVING. A very special thanks to all the new parents of these precious bundles of fur. You have all been gracious to share photos of growing milestones. I am so, so proud of each of them and again thank God for having provided me with this opportunity and the chance to know all of you. The Leo community is very special indeed.